Rodrigo Calixto

No more cuts
No more cuts
No more cuts
No more cuts

No more cuts


Several historians point out that the relationship men established with tools in history is extremely important. So much so that Prehistory is divided according to the working tools men used in different times.

This narrative classifies as a dichotomy the correlation between the time before and after men built their tools, and also how their relationship with nature was. It is clear that, without any tools, men could hardly manipulate nature to fulfill their own needs. The most active interaction started when men could express in nature all of their desires and deprivations, which intensified when men were able to manufacture tools that evolved throughout the history of mankind.

In a transparent acrylic box, the artist presents a rusty and broken hand saw, delicately suspended. Worthless, almost a reliquary.

A broken hand saw represents a useless instrument. A tool of no use now. However, the scenario proposed by the artist is capable of evoking and confronting all binary – and at times contradictory – actions of the encounter between hand saw and men.

It puts into perspective the exhaustion to which the hand saw was submitted. A broken and torn hand saw; the piece creates a truss of the perpetual movement of sawing off, cutting, modifying and extracting. The hand saw is no longer the element that transformed; it becomes the object of these memories. It consolidates a new truss and a new format of relationship between object and men and vice versa.


  • Artist: Rodrigo Calixto
    Title: "Sem Mais Cortes"
    Year: 2015
    Dimensions: 77cm x 31cm x 7,5cm
    Edition: 6 numbered + 1 A.P


  • Saw and acrylic

  • Technique

  • Oxidação natural