Rodrigo Calixto




“Illic est oculus qua res adamamus” [The feet will take us where the heart wants to be]

“Pilgrim Fathers” or simply “Pilgrims” is the name given to the first British settlers, who were Calvinists and established themselves in New England, a region that came to be the embryo of the United States, in 1620.

A pilgrim is a seeker. The one that follows a path in the pursuit of something spiritual. A pilgrimage (from the Latin per agros, that is, through the fields) is a journey made by a devotee to a sacred place.

Peregrinating and pilgrimages date back to the most ancient times, to the so-called primitive times when pagan habits and rituals prevailed.

Peregrinating is not only about walking, in the case of peregrinating on foot or taking a route of a specific number of miles. Peregrinating is about walking motivated “by” or “to do” something.

The artist reinforces that intention by presenting a square labyrinth in which we find exits in all sides, and all possibilities are connected to each other.  “By the end of all paths, we always search for new journeys, we are tireless. There will always be a new journey to be completed.”

We have a native restlessness, adoration for the sacred that was never presented to us physically. Thus, our journey is constant, endless. And what we call sacred is clearly individual, it has always been. Many yearn for material wealth, others yearn for spiritual lifting but, from beginning to end, we continue to go back to where we started.

Therefore, pilgrimage has an added sense and value that each pilgrim must find out.



  • Artist: Rodrigo Calixto
    Title: "Pilgrimage"
    Year: 2017
    Dimensions: 62cm x 40cm x 12cm
    Edition: 4 units + 1 A.P


  • Solid wood, cotton, glass and gold

  • Technique

  • Marcenaria tradicional, douramento e silk screen