Rodrigo Calixto




Cultural roots are the link between past and present; they are the identity of peoples, build the memory of a nation. In Brazil, the Portuguese colonization strongly influenced music, painting, sculptures and architecture. Tiles in Brazilian construction came from this time, at first to protect houses from the harsh sunlight of the tropics and excessive rain and, from 1930, as a new form of decoration. The word “tile” comes from Arabic “Al-zulaij,” which means “small polished stone”.

A curious fact, which is relevant for the artist, is that due to bankruptcy of the 15 Brazilian hereditary captaincies, Tomé de Souza arrives in Brazil in 1549 bringing material resources and skilled labor to finally establish the first governorate-general of Brazil.

In his experiments, the artist discovers and uses in this piece 15 different forms of oxidation, accentuating the peculiarities of each featured territory.

Heritage Tile is a portrait of this cultural legacy, at times hidden by the big cities. Here, in this small object, brass borrows from gold the color, the rarity and, most of all, the sublime. It brings strength to what is strong by nature: heredity.


  • Artist: Rodrigo Calixto
    Title: "Heritage"
    Year: 2015
    Dimensions: 83cm x 53cm x 4cm
    Edition: 15 units + 2 A.P


  • Brass and acrylic

  • Technique

  • Estampagem manual